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The Team

Dwight Cook, Pune and LA

As Director of HR Transformation for a multi-national company, Dwight worked for more than two years to expand HR teams in India, so they could lead global operations. This included living for approximately a year in Pune. While in Pune, he was one of 8 people in Pune who started the group that eventually became Working With Pride. His professional focus is empowering teams to  contribute more value. Personally, he was raised in a very conservative religion and had a sometimes challenging coming out journey. He has been with his now husband Neil, for 18 years and brings to Working With Pride  a passion for helping people collaborate and grow.

C Moulee, Chennai

Moulee is a gay rights activist and columnist based in Chennai. He is a writer and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion specialist. He started the PRIDE - Symantec’s LGBTA employee resource group for India in 2016. PRIDE is Symantec’s first LGBTA ERG in the Asia-Pacific region. He is the founder of Queer Chennai Chronicles (QCC), an independent publishing house and literary forum that focuses on queer literature, and promotes LGBTQA identified authors and translators. He organised India’s first Queer LitFest in July 2018 under the banner of QCC. He has been part of Working With Pride core team from the initial days. Moulee currently lives with his partner in Chennai. He is on a mission to promote inclusion for LGBTQ individuals in workplace, and to chronicle the contemporary queer history of Chennai.

Vieshaka L Dutta, Bengaluru

Vishakha has over 15 years of experience in HR, Culture building and Diversity and Inclusion. She has worked on strategic HR projects, service delivery and Diversity and Inclusion in large Indian organisations and multi-national firms. She is an Inclusion and Diversity specialist and her work in building desired organisational culture and fostering Inclusion and Diversity spans different industries. She also contributes to and influences communities including networks and support groups for women, mothers and single parents. She is a strong ally for the LGBT+ support movement in India. She is a single parent and treasures her time with her family and her ever growing circle of friends.

Suresh Ramadas, Bengaluru

Suresh is working as a Global Training Lead at HP Inc. He is the first openly out Gay employee in HP India, and started the LGBTQ ERG in 2016 with passion and authenticity. He is a strong champion for LGBT inclusion within his organization and believes that everyone should bring their true authentic self to work. His passion motivated him to do the LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program at Stanford in 2018. He appetite to learn more about Diversity & Inclusion and their intersectionality drove him become a Certified Diversity Professional with DTUI, US & Interweave, India in 2017. He has been vocal about workplace inclusion of the LGBTQ community in platforms like NASSCOM India, represented HP & India in international forum like Out & Equal, US.