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Working With Pride

Our aim is to:

  • Influence Corporate India to be LGBTQ and Ally friendly and to all dimensions of diversity

  • Help companies leverage the unique contributions of LGBTQ people

  • Help LGBTQ People make greater contributions to their companies and community

  • Liaise and collaborate with the larger LGBTQ and Allies as well as NGO/CBO communities

  • Help corporate diversity organizations collaborate together to greater success​

What we do

  • Create resources on business case, sensitization, training in an Indian context

  • Share best known methods from different organizations

  • Facilitate conversation, provide support and accurate information to organizations on aspects of sexuality, gender identity & expression

  • Empower LGBTQ individuals in corporate India with necessary tools on Employee Resource Group: leadership development, mentoring, peer coaching and resource sharing.

  • Build Visibility to give a face to corporate LGBTQ employees, make stories of LGBTQ and Allies experiences visible and assessable.

  • Build Bridges to communities and organization that are operating in the LGBTQ and Allies space.

Get in Touch

To know more about our work, communities, and to collaborate with us, write to hello@workingwithpride.org